Leathered vs honed granite varieties from Indian granite suppliers

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Granite stone products look rough and dull when they are extracted from granite quarries in India. B2B buyers purchase big granite blocks for further processing and selling purposes. B2C buyers don’t buy rough blocks because they need a refined version of the stone that comes through a number of granite finishes available in the competitive market. It is nothing but granite finishes that make rough stone products look lustrous and eye-catching. The best part of having a finished granite product is that it alters the overall appearance of rough granite products and transforms the same. It can be called cosmetic choices that not only change the appearance of the stone, but also affect prospects of granite tile and slab’s care, maintenance, and lifespan. Let’s go through the differences between honed granite and leathered granite.

Leathered vs honed Finish

Cosmetic choices: Honed vs Leathered granite

Now, the thing is cosmetic choices. When you are in the competitive market for buying different colored granite tiles and slabs, you are likely to get finished products, such as polished, honed, sandblasted, antique, bush hammered, brushed, leather finish, tumbled and lepatora. All finishes have their own features to give stone surface a varied look. Nowadays, leathered and honed granite are in huge demand for giving stone a textured and a smooth surface respectively. To better understand importance of both granite finishes, let’s compare both of them and check out which one will make a big difference.

Leathered granite – Textured appearance with natural color retention

Viscon White honedWhen it comes to finding a particular finish that promises a textured appearance with retention of its natural color, leathered granite makes a big difference. Between a soft sheen and glossy look, there is a compromised shinning added over the surface. This sheen is called a leather finish. If you compare the finish with a polished slab, you will find it much less shiny than the glossy look. This newer style is catching all eyes as it hides water spots and fingerprints; closes stone pores, and smudges well. Interestingly, it imparts an extra sensory element and subtle texture. This finish can impress you if you prefer to have a dimple-like texture. It is superbly exercised on a darker stone owing to its ability to retain natural colors.

Examples of leather finished granite products from Indian granite suppliers :

Leather Finish Rose Wood Granite
Rose Wood Granite Leather Finish
Steel Gray Granite Leather Finish
Black galaxy in leathered finish
Black Galaxy Granite Leather Finish
Leather Finish Colombo Jupranan
Colombo Juprana Granite Leather Finish

Honed granite – Smooth premium surface in a matte look

In contemporary spaces, a specific type of granite finish is gaining popularity as it commits a smooth premium surface to the stone. Interestingly, this finish ensures a surface with no bumps. Interestingly, the surface emerges without a polished reflection. The stone creates a softer feel with a matte finish that is not reflective. The only drawback of this finish type is that it makes the stone more susceptible to stains. That is why end-users need to clean the stone properly with periodic sealing.

Examples of honed finish products from Indian granite suppliers:

Honed Finish Colonial White
Colonial White Granite Honed Finish
Honed Fanish Paradiso Bash
Paradiso Bash Granite Honed Finish

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