Let’s Find What All Contribute to the Popularity of Granite Tiles

Granite-TilesGranite is the best. Granite is for life time. We have been hearing all these for quite some time. Well, these are quite true and by no means a puffery. To be precise, small and large granite tiles give you countless reasons to be chosen as a preferred natural stone for home installations.

It is not such that people don’t have other options when it comes to natural stone-based interior designing, construction or even renovation. And, you can easily find people using slate, sandstone, quartzite and marble tiles for various purposes like flooring, wall cladding as well as for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces in and around homes. But, what sets granite apart from other natural stones are its distinguishing factors.

Let’s get acquainted with some unique aspects of small and large granite tiles that make it one of the most popular of natural stones for interior and exterior designing projects all across the world.

  1. Eternal Beauty: The mesmerizing colors of granite are prettily complemented by subtle highlights in multiple tones that make it appealing in the most natural way. Adding more to its beauty are surface design patterns in the form of streaks, flecks, spots, patches, waves and swirls.

In natural stone factories, granite tiles can be developed in various surface finishes like polished, honed, bush hammered, weathered and so on, which when selected thoughtfully, simply enhances the beauty of granite.

  1. Unmatched Durability: Needless to say, granite is by far the hardest of all natural stones used in architecture and designing business. Moreover, it is highly resistant to natural wear and tear. It can easily stand against extreme pH conditions (acidic or alkaline environment) and temperature. All these make granite just perfect material even for the most active areas of your property.

You can use granite tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms as countertops and also for flooring anywhere inside and outside the home. It is therefore sometimes regarded as a stone for the life time.

  1. Effortless Maintenance and Cleaning: Sealing is necessary for almost every type of stone to preserve its integrity and prevent it from scratch, moisture and being etched. And, when this is done to granite, it makes it even more resistant and durable. Simultaneously, it becomes easy to clean and maintain as no dirt, moisture and oil get in direct touch with the granite surface.

Resistance towards, moisture, bacteria and staining further allows to be easily cleaned just by using a mild detergent or soap along with water. This makes granite tiles apt for bathroom and kitchen installations.

  1. Eclectic Product Range: Well, this is one aspect, where granite outshines all other natural stones. It would be surprising for many of you that just Indian granite are being offered to the world in nearly 200 different varieties. Black, brown, green, red, pink, yellow, grey and blue are to name a few color options that you get when you choose granite.

Not only this, you can also opt for different tones or hues as per your choice even for any specific granite color. Adding more to its versatility are some amazing surface patterns that make every granite tile exceptionally unique.

  1. Value Addition to the Property: Granite is generally regarded as an investment for lifetime. And, this makes sense! The way granite tiles boost the aesthetics of your interiors and consequently, its value is nearly impossible with any other natural stone and completely impossible with some artificial tiles or engineered stone.

So, now when you are well aware of all those aspects that make granite to stand out of the crowd, it would be totally worthless to explain reasons behind its consideration as a lifetime investment. Plus, it is not just about raising the value, but also about return on investment (ROI). A home adorned with granite installations certainly gives you more return on sale when compared with homes that haven’t used granite as a prominent element of interior architecture and designing.

Hopefully, all these factors have substantially influenced you now to select granite for your next construction or renovation project. So, what are you waiting for? Ok, you might be thinking that from where to get the best quality of granite with best price! Well, that’s again not at all a problem! Regatta Granites India is there to serve you for all your granite needs.

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