The Most Magnificent Natural Stone of All – Rajasthan Granite

There is a variety of natural stones available around the world and you can choose any one of them to decorate your home or office. But, when it comes to quality, Indian stones are the best; be it sandstone, granite, marble, limestone, slate or quartzite. However, among all these stones granite, Rajasthan granite is by far the most popular one.

Get an edge with granite from Rajasthan

The modern architecture has changed the way you design your property, and what have really revolutionized the architectural designing is the diversity in the use of natural stone to decorate the interiors as well as exteriors of a building; possibly due to recent advancements and innovations in the processing techniques of natural stones.

It is said so because it is extracted from the Indian state of Rajasthan, which is also known for marble and sandstone extraction and processing. This North Indian granite is widely used for construction and architectural designing purposes not just in India, but many parts of the world. And, for this reason, it has been globally exported round the year.

Rajasthan granite exporters in India have established granite factories near major granite quarries in Rajasthan, so that they can be conveniently and safely transport granite blocks from natural stone quarries to the granite manufacturing plants, and from there, to anywhere in the world.

Colorful options for different decor options

Granite in Rajasthan is available in more than 50 different colors and shades with every variety being capable of giving a gleaming touch to any property. Myriads of shades of black, white, brown, green, yellow and pink granite can be found available with Indian granite manufacturer and exporters. Also, the quality of this North Indian granite is superb. It is extremely strong, durable and can withstand harsh temperature and pH conditions with ease. If sealed and cared properly, Indian granite last for a life time.

As now we know how amazing Rajasthan granite is, let us discuss how it can be used for interior and exterior decoration. In enticing colors and design patterns, granite slabs and tiles of Rajasthan granite can be used to design countertops and backsplashes in the kitchens and vanity tops in the bathrooms. Similarly, granite can be used for the flooring, both inside or outside – patios, balconies or backyards.

Moreover, Rajasthan granite can be used as a building stone or even for exterior wall cladding and window sills. The reason why granite is chosen by the designers is its amazing durability and resistance to high temperature and acidic conditions; as mentioned above. Not just this, Rajasthan granite is easy to maintain as its non-porous nature doesn’t allow any kind of spills and stains to settle on its surface or to seep into its deeper layers.

Why Rajasthan granite is win-win solution?

Rajasthan granite is a must-to-include natural stone whether you are designing your office or your home, and if you are looking for a Rajasthan granite exporter, the best choice is Regatta Granites India, which is one of the leading granite exporters in India. Not only you get a wide range of granite colors and designs with Regatta Granites India, but also get a lot of customization options to choose from; be it in terms of shapes, sizes, finishes, edge profiles or thickness. Just select the granite that best suits your requirement and add irresistible elegance to your home or office spaces.

Mind it, Rajasthan granite is a lifetime investment! So, make choices wisely as definitely, with a smart choice, you will reap the benefits of Indian granite for many more decades after its installation; regardless of whether you are using it to create your dream home or expecting high returns on investment.