Quality products and competitive prices from granite manufacturers in Rajasthan

Although the Indian state of Rajasthan is primarily known for natural stones like marble, slate, limestone, and sandstone; a major addition to the list in recent times is granite. Rajasthan is bestowed with huge granite reserves of different variants that are spread across 23 districts. Granite holds a unique position in the natural stone sector due to its occurrence in numerous designs and shades, and also for its properties like durability, strength, and resistance toward extreme temperatures and acids. When it comes to buying quality products, granite manufacturers in Rajasthan matter the most. Hence, Regatta Granites India overcomes your expectations.

Being one of the leading Rajasthan granite manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, it offers a wide range of Rajasthan granite colors at competitive prices. It prefers to maintain long-term and healthy relations with a host of Rajasthan granite manufacturers across North India which allows it to offer the best of Rajasthan granite varieties at reasonable prices. Owing to its immense popularity as a construction material across the world, numerous granite companies in Rajasthan have evolved in the last few years. Likewise, a number of granite exporters in Rajasthan are continually engaged in supplying a large variety in various countries across the globe.

It is known that granite occupies around 95% of the dimensional export sector in India. Usually, granite manufacturers in Rajasthan establish granite processing factories near quarries, so as to save on unnecessary transportation costs. The quarried granite is further processed to give the desired shape and finish. These granite products are then supplied to Rajasthan granite dealers, not only across India but abroad. The North Indian state of Rajasthan is famous for quarries of many colors of granite like black, green, white, brown, yellow, and many combinations of other shades.

The geological structure of the quarries produces granite with flowery patterns – big and small. The quality varies from premium (clean material and uniform) to second quality with patches and spots and other few anomalies. The prices are extremely competitive. The quality of Indian granite is good and suitable for application in international projects. Kishangarh, Jalore, Udaipur, Barmer, Tonk, and Pali are the prime destinations to offer granite products.

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