Inviting most popular granite colors in kitchen for a trendy outlook

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Upgrading a kitchen with granite countertop is a welcoming move, but choosing the most right and functional granite countertop color is still a Herculean task for millions of granite lovers in all parts of the world. Color choice is simply an individual aspect. However, the main thing that matters the most here is the selection of a hue that matches the scenario of the kitchen in an effective manner.

Most popular granite colors
Most popular granite colors

When you start searching for the most popular granite colors, it is vital for you to know your kitchen and its ambiance around thoroughly. From walls to floors and from countertop to sinks, there are lots of things that need your attention. You have to stick to the best granite colors for flooring and granite colors for kitchen countertops in India in order to bring the best out of your kitchen. Let’s discuss some unique and trendy hue solutions for your kitchen and also what granite suppliers have in their bags for catering to the changing needs of granite lovers in sync with color options.

Granite levels and popular granite color inclusion

Upgrading a kitchen is necessary as the time rolls on. New trends, colors, and styles always make a big impression. Advertising, changing design trends, and upgrade requirements indicate to the element of innovation. Overusing basic colors and sticking to traditional ways bring nothing but monotony. When it is time to upgrade a kitchen, all you need to do is to have a close look at granite levels and color inclusion. Most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops are easily available everywhere in India and other parts of the world. Selection of the granite stone is not the only way to take things ahead. It is also prominent to know the effectiveness and utility of the hue in the kitchen. The color of walls, cabinets, and floor stone also plays a big role in the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. Let’s have a look at big three levels of the stone and their association with granite colors.

granite colors for kitchen countertops india
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Level 1 granite (commercial grade or builder’s grade) – A thinner cut stone with a very simple design and standard colors.

Level 2 granite (mid-grade granite) – Unique colors and designs with marking varieties.

Level 3 (High grade or premium quality granite) – Finest quality stone with uncommon hues, veins, and patterns.

Your search for the best granite colors for flooring in India comes to an end when you make the most out of the most popular granite colors available for sale. For a two-tone kitchen experience and a trendy outlook, you need to perceive at a superb amalgamation of cabinetry and countertops. Black granite with striking white veins; polished black pearl granite; dark wood cabinets, white island and black countertops; Alaska white island with absolute black granite counters; grey and cream colors can help you feel this experience.

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Availability of granite colors for kitchen countertops

Once you are satisfied with the question of color levels and combination, it is high time to look for some unique colors around. From white to black and from green to red, there is no dearth of countertop colors that can help you upgrade your kitchen with a big bang. Some colors are bright and some are dull. But, a proper combination of hues can do magic. Top selling colors like New Kashmir white granite product and black galaxy granite can be bought without wasting precious time. In addition to these two colors, the following colors can add more appeal and charm to kitchen space with a difference.

  • Most popular granite colors – White and black
  • Common granite colors – Black, white, and yellow
  • Dark grante colors – Red, blue, black, and green
  • Light granite colors – White, brown, and grey
  • Warm granite colors – Gold, grey, white, and pink
granite colors for kitchen countertops india
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Most granite colors have become popular due to their overuse and limited inclination of customers to new hues. For having a trendy outlook using kitchen countertops, following are some of the most popular granite colors that can stun with their appearance and functionality as well. These include black galaxy, black forest, black beauty, absolute black, red multicolor, New Kashmir white, tan brown, lavender blue, tropical blue, coffee brown, Hassan green, Kuppam green, steel grey, strawberry pink, ghiblee pink, lakha red, colonial gold, viscon white, moon white, and crystal yellow granite.

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