Popular Granite Colors for Kitchen Countertops

A countertop is an essential part of any kitchen and should be smartly chosen in terms of color and design to effectively boost the décor of the kitchen. Moreover, countertops are expected to perform really well in a highly active environment of kitchen and so the choice of the material for countertops is also of immense importance. To sum up, we can say that the material of the kitchen countertop needs to be aesthetically appealing as well as highly functional.

Kitchen décor trend changes almost every year and many a times, twice in a year. Change in kitchen décor trend means change in design and color of various elements inside kitchens that include countertops as well. Since, it is practically impossible to replace countertops so frequently with changing trends, it is better to go for a countertop material that will never go out of fashion.

Granite is a natural stone that is known for its timeless beauty and endurance and will never be out of trend for interior decoration, be it in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. Owing to its unmatched qualities, granite is by far the most preferred material for creating kitchen countertops all across the globe. Its exceptional strength, durability and resistance to high temperature and acidic environments along with its occurrence in numerous shades with dynamic surface patterns (waves, swirls and streaks) make it an extremely popular material for countertops.

Being a world’s leading producer and exporter of granite in more than 100 unique varieties, India is now a preferred granite market among international customers, where they can easily get quality granite at highly competitive prices. Moreover, customers can select from a wide range of popular Indian granite colors like black, brown, grey, blue, golden, red and so on. A number of globally reputed granite suppliers and exporters from India offer options to customize granite countertops or other products as per the customers’ choice of color, size, design and finish. The highly professional attitude of these Indian granite exporters further ensure you of dedicated customer service, high product quality, safe transportation and on time delivery.

Although granite gives you ample of opportunities to choose from a wide range of shades, its availability in multiple shades sometimes leaves you in a confused state while making the selection. However, it is always suggested to choose the granite color that best complements the kitchen décor and perfectly matches with other kitchen elements. Further discussed are most preferred granite countertop colors and reasons for their popularity:

1. White: Many people are discouraged by the utterly plain and sanitized appearance of white with a belief that white surfaces get easily dirty or spotty. However, this is not the case with granite as it is never completely plain, but has dynamic surface patterns like streaks, swirls, waves and flecks in dark shades. On top of this, there exist different granite variants with varying shades of white. White granite brings a soothing touch to your kitchen and at the same time, makes it look more spacious.

2. Brown: A brown granite countertop could your perfect choice if you want to add an earthy or rustic charm to the kitchen. This color also goes well with lighter tones of kitchens cabinets.



3. Beige: Due to its ability to go extremely well with different décor options, this granite color is regarded as the most versatile one. It is just the right color to bring a warm and homely feel to the kitchen.

4. Black: Depending on the effect you want to create, you can either choose complete black granite or black granite with surface patterns in lighter tones. In case you are using a solid black countertop, it is recommended to keep other kitchen elements in light or contrasting tones, so as to allow the countertop to stand out of everything in the kitchen.

5. Jewel Tone: You can use this interesting tone in case you are looking for something unique yet eye-pleasing. Though jewel tone granite countertop looks amazingly beautiful, it requires several changes in the overall kitchen décor to reveal its beauty to the fullest.

In addition to the above colors, there are other prominent shades of granite that can be creatively used by homeowners and designers to naturally grace the interiors of your kitchen.