Popular Granite Colors that Remain Young Forever

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If you understand a color wheel, you are more likely to decode color basics. It depicts relevant relationships between three types of primary, secondary, and intermediate colors. Moreover, this wheel puts light upon how color temperature is determined. The color temperature shows warm, cool, and neutral colors. In primary colors, there are red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colors include orange, green, and violet. Furthermore, tertiary colors come in the form of yellow-green, blue-green, red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-violet, and red-violet. When it comes to choosing the right and most popular granite colors that remain young forever, all you need to understand is the basis of granite color selection and what colors can make a big difference.


Granite color communication and selection of right hues

There are some colors that are warm. Some colors are cool. Some colors are also cool and warm as well. Interestingly, it is the color temperature that affects psychologically and perceptually. Generally, warm colors get proximity to the spectator. On the contrary, cool colors seem farther from spectators and passive than warm hues. Neutral colors are amalgamated with colors of brighter accent and can be easily used in all designs. That is why light and dark colors are the first choices of granite buyers when it comes to buying colorful granite slabs, tiles, and countertops from a leading Indian granite supplier. All colors communicate a special message. What B2B and B2C buyers need is the selection of colors that remain evergreen and alive even after many years.

natural color sample
  • Warm colors – Red, orange, and yellow, and variations.
  • Cool colors – Green, blue, and purple, and variations.
  • Neutral colors – Black, white, gray, tans, and browns.

There are more than hundreds of most popular granite colors available at big granite exporters and suppliers from India. They deal in the selling and supplying of light and dark granite colors for decoration and construction of kitchen countertop, bath floor, bath vanity, kitchen floor, etc. When you compare dark granite with the lighter one, you find dark granite is denser and offers an edge over surfaces with lighter floors. Dark granite is durable and stain-resistant. So, people welcome it to their homes. While considering a particular granite color or multiple granite colors, take care of the following assumptions:

  • Amount of lighting inside your house.
  • Color of the interior walls.
  • Purpose of the area where the granite is laid.
  • The dimension of the area where the granite is laid.

Which granite color—dark or light—is the best?

dark color granite vs light color granite

Choosing a color always depends upon your own preferences. If you are a good connoisseur of color psychology, you can easily take a balanced decision as per your changing needs. If you are not good at judging colors, you need expert advice that can take you in the right direction. Choosing dark or light or any other neutral colors needs a thorough analysis. For all, there can be the following options:

  • Dark colors – Black, brown, beige, blue, and red
  • Lighter colors – Beige, cream, grey, and light brown
  • Light and dark colors used together
  • Colors beyond white and dark granite

When it comes to taking the decision, it is mandatory that you understand the color effect, color performance, color rhythm, and color matching with the environment around. For readers’ convenience, the following options have been shown below to take a unanimous decision. The following suggestions will help you get a surface that remains young forever.

  • Dark granite stone – Room with ample, direct natural light
  • Lighter color granite – A space that receives no sunlight or has no big windows
  • Dark granite with elegant wood cabinets – For a traditional feel
  • White granite – For a cheery, rustic, and traditional feel
  • Beige or neutral granite colors – For a summery feel
  • Blue, green, and red granite colors – For a bold view
Kashmir White countertop

First, choose the granite shade, and then the color of the wall because the granite surface is reflective. It is advised to choose the wall color based on the granite shade. Go for expensive granite for hall because the surface of the hall surface is usually not covered up with furniture. Prefer less expensive granite from leading Indian granite suppliers for the bedroom because the bedroom flooring is covered up with furniture. Stones with wavy patterns are superb for large halls. On the other hand, a smaller area can be accommodated with non-wavy pattern granite.

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