Reasons why professional granite suppliers reject rough granite blocks

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In the natural stone import and export industry, B2B buyers opt for granite rough blocks that they can use for granite processing purpose. Buyers, further, use these granite blocks for sale to be split in tiles and cutting and gangsaw slabs.

Granite blocks are a significant structural and ornamental rock with high strength and compressive solidity.

Viscon White Granite Block 1

India is such a great destination where granite quarries produce rough and unfinished blocks of granite. The hardest of structural stones, granite blocks for sale are used for commercial purposes. A professional and ISO-certified granite supplier relies on the quality and rejects the rough blocks that fail to match the expectations of the buyers. In this content, we will focus on the quality factor in natural stones and what granite suppliers in India do to deliver 100% quality.

What is quality in a rough granite block?

Kuppam green granite gangsaw blockDefinition of quality as per the American Society for Quality
“A combination of quantitative and qualitative perspectives for which each person has his or her own definition; examples of which include, “Meeting the requirements and expectations in service or product that were committed to” and “Pursuit of optimal solutions contributing to confirmed successes, fulfilling accountabilities.” When it comes to the technical usage, there are two meanings of quality. The first meaning is concerned with the ability of a product or service to satisfy implied and stated needs. Another meaning of granite blocks for sale is concerned with a product or service that is quite free from the presence of deficiencies.

When it comes to offering granite blocks for sale to B2B buyers at the global level, quality is the foremost factor that induces a big difference to the value and goodwill of a granite block supplier in India. On 15 March 1974, the Civil Engineering Division Council approved the Indian Standard (First Revision) adopted by the Indian Standards Institution. This standard covers the topics of structural granite selection, grading and strength requirements.

ivory white granite block in quarry

When we talk about sticking to the quality rough granite blocks. It clearly means that the block of any size and pattern should be completely free from the undesirable occurrence of flaws, injurious veins, cavities, and related imperfections. If any block has all these unwanted features, then it will definitely spoil the structural integrity of blocks. In addition, it will put an adverse effect on the strength and appearance of blocks. Following are some strength requirements that a block of any size needs to abide by.

  • The compressive strength while testing should not be less than 1 000 kg/cm2.
  • The specific gravity while testing should not be less than 2’6.
  • The water absorption while testing should not be more than 0’50 percent.

When it comes to setting standards for blocks for masonry, it is imperative that block dimensions should be specific and tolerance is allowed f5 mm for facing blocks.

How a professional granite supplier reject or accept rough blocks?

Marking of the block

As per Indian Standards Institution, marking or certification marks assure buyers that granite blocks have to go through the process of inspection, testing, and quality control. Marking confirms that buyers will get quality products. In granite quarries, the representatives and stone engineers mark every extracted rough block with the manufacturer’s identification mark or initials. These markings on granite blocks for sale indicate the manufacturer’s initiative to the required quality. It is also likely that blocks are marked with the ISI Certification Mark.

Ivory White granite defected block
Ivory Block granite marked in defected block
Marking defected area in Ivory Block

When a block product fails to match specific requirements, it is considered defective. There is also some permissible number of defectives with reference to dimensions and general requirements. Generally, granite blocks for sale are first tested for compressive strength, water absorption, and specific gravity. To ensure the availability of top quality granite blocks, it is vital that a certified supplier of granite products marks all sorts of stripes and lines and pattern variations clearly.

Popular granite block sizes: Size 300-320 x 130-165 x 160-205 cm and weight 23-29 tons

Popular granite block colors: Kuppam Green, Ivory white and Viscon white granite

It is nothing but the quality factor and professionalism of ISI-certified granite supplier, exporter, and manufacturer Regatta Granites India that enable it to serve its global customers with hassle-free customer service and zero-defect products.