Stone of the Month – Blue Dunes Granite

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Interestingly, blue granite is considered one of the most expensive granite stones universally. When it comes to getting unique variants in blue colors, granite comes with a blue and black base. In the secondary color option, blue can be a good combination with whites, grays, browns, and other shades of blue. Countries like Africa, Norway, Ukraine, and Brazil produce blue granite on a wider scale. In India, Rajasthan is the place where blue granite is quarried and processed. Of the blue granites, Blue Dunes granite a.k.a Azul granite is the most sought after granite product, known for its inherent beauty and traits. Let’s read the content and find out all ins and outs of alluring Blue Dunes granite stone from India.

Blue dunes granite product

An introduction to Blue Dunes Granite

Among various blue tones, blue dunes granite entices with its natural earth tone beauty that doubles with erratic cream, grey, and black hues. Moreover, it is specks of blue on the surface of the stone that steal the show. It is a great stone choice as it looks beautiful in blend with white cabinets. Don’t forget this stone is capable of adding more style and character to backsplashes and stainless appliances innately. In the Indian market, this natural stone is available in all three quality options: Standard, commercial, and premium. Check out the content below and know why this blue granite product in the form of slabs, tiles, and countertops is a great fit for all residential and commercial projects.

Looks and appearance of blue dunes granite

Without a doubt, blue dunes is a superb granite stone with a unique surface. Be it the color or surface, the stone product makes a big difference with its pale and blue background. A stone with a lustreless surface fails to make a mark. But, blue dunes from India makes its presence felt. The following are some unique features of the stone surface:
• Primary color – Blue
• Stone type: Coarse and dark brown monzonite (igneous intrusive rock)
• Variation – High
• Surface description – A pale blue backdrop with lots of variations in terms of streaks and patches
• Available surface finishes – Polished, flamed, lepatora, honed, brushed, leather, and bush-hammered
• Available edge finishes – Machine-cut

Technical aspects of blue dunes granite

Every stone product comes with loads of features. These inherent features indicate the performance and long life of the stone product. These aspects show the durability, performance, and longevity of the blue granite product. Go through the following features that exhibit the technical aspects of blue dunes granite stone:
• Compressive Strength – 1920 kg/cm2
• Hardness on Moh’s Scale – 6
• After Freezing – 1810 kg/cm2
• Bulk Density – 2720 kg/m3
• Water Absorption – 0.15%

Blue dunes gangsaw slab product
Blue dunes granite slab in the standard size of 32x76cm

Blue dunes granite location and forms

India is a hub of a variety of granite stone products. From North to South India, there is no dearth of colorful granite products. Rajasthan is a land of world-famous Makrana white marble. The desert state also produces top-quality blue granite blocks that are used to split into slabs and tiles. Have a look at some interesting traits of stylish blue dunes granite stone.
• Origin of the stone – North India
• Quarry destination of the stone – Rajasthan, North India
• Stone processing unit/factory – North India
• Available forms of the stone – Tile, cutter slab, gangsaw slab, countertop, and vanity top
• Stone recommend for – Commercial and residential projects

Blue dunes granite sizes and types

Indian granite market offers a big range of granite sizes and types for all construction project types. From a small size stone to a big size slab, Indian blue granite exporters and suppliers cater to all changing needs amicably. Have a look at the following popular sizes available in the granite market of India.
• Countertops and vanity tops – Custom sizes
• Cutter slabs – 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
• Gangsaw slabs – 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
• Gangsaw block size – 260x160x100 cm up 280x180x100 and 300x190x120 cm up 300x200x100
• Cutter block size – 180x70x60 cm up 240x70x60
• Tiles – 30×30, 30×60, and 60×60 cm
• Cut to size – On demand

With blue dunes granite quarries in Rajasthan, India, the Indian granite industry offers global B2B buyers granite stone in bulk. Indian granite exporters export a wide assortment of granite in almost all parts of the world.