Top Reasons for importing White Granite from India

Though there are different types of natural stones available in the world, nothing can match the beauty and functionality of granite. A top-most choice for both residential and commercial construction, granite stone allows architects and construction contractors to give a remarkable touch of sophistication to the place.

Though granite stone is available in a variety of hues and finishes, white granite is the most popular among architects, builders, homeowners, and construction professionals. White granites are the most sought-after alternative to marble in terms of durability and aesthetics due to their stunning visual appeal, glossy appearance, and ability to complement any décor. There are a plethora of Indian granite providers that offer high-quality granite stones.

River White Granite Block

Why Choose Indian White Granite?

Granite is one natural stone that can be found in different parts of the world like Italy, the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and others, Indian granite has its own charm that attracts granite importers worldwide. Another plus point with importing granite from India is that it comes in the form of countertops, gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs, tiles, and other sizes. There are many granite exporters in India that provide an extended variety of Indian granite in different colors, sizes, and finishes.

Thunder White Granite

White Indian granite countertops are a very popular option when looking for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Be it a modern décor or a countryside one, white granite always lends a spectacular and sophisticated visual appeal to the overall setting. Since Indian granite comes in a wide of white color variations and patterns, granite importers find it easier to get a granite of their choice from India.

Now, look at some of the biggest reasons behind the import of white granite from India.

  1. Extended Variety

This is one aspect that makes importing white granite from India a wonderful choice. Indian white granite comes in a huge variety of shades and finishes which means architects and homeowners would have more options in terms of colors and patterns than any other option. Some of the leading white granites from India are Colonial White, S White, Viscon White, Bianco White, Cappuccino White, New Ivory White, Monte Cristo, Imperial White, and a lot of others.

From the veining patterns to the flecks, Indian white granite varies greatly which is a big plus for granite importers as they can choose from a wide range of white granites from a single location.

2. Reasonable Pricing

Since price plays an important role in the overall stone exports, Indian white granite comes at a highly reasonable price as compared to granites importer from other countries. The presence of multiple granite quarries in both North India and South India makes India a hot choice for high-quality granites at the most competitive rates. In addition, the easy availability of manpower and advanced manufacturing and processing machines make granite production in India quite reasonable.

3. A large Number of Granite Suppliers

There are many granite suppliers and exporters in India that deal in a wide range of North and South Indian granites. The presence of a large number of granite exporters makes it easier for granite buyers and importers in various parts of the world to choose from the best suppliers of Indian granite. It is recommended to choose a granite supplier that can provide a wide range of white granites at the most attractive rates.

Popular White Indian Granites

New Kashmir White Granite

This natural stone, also known as New White Kashmir Granite or Cashmere White, is a popular option for both commercial and residential architectural purposes. It has a loose snow-white backdrop with grey and crimson stripes spread equally over its surface.

It is more durable, harder, and regarded to be one of the most agile granites available in the industry today. Because of its premium appearance and great weather resistance, it is typically used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, monuments, casinos, public office buildings, waterfalls, outside cladding, worktops, fountains, and other structures.

New Kashmir White Supplires

Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite, a mid-level granite, is a perennial choice among white granite providers worldwide.

This very adaptable Indian white granite is a perennial favorite for flooring, backsplashes, flooring, and residential and commercial outdoor surfaces. This natural stone has grey swirls and an accumulation of shadier black mineral deposits, which are highlighted by a white backdrop. These darker mineral deposits provide the appearance of craters seen on the moon.

This white Indian granite is known by a variety of names in the architectural landscape, including Lunar White Granite, Moonlight Granite, White Moon Granite, Morning Mist Granite, Kashmir Pearl Granite, and Emerald White Granite.

New Ivory White Granite

The surface pattern of Ivory White Granite is distinguished by exceedingly small grey/black dots and specks on a milky-white background. Colonial Ivory Granite and Milky White Granite are two more names for it.

This Indian white granite is in high demand all over the world due to its excellent weathering capabilities and is typically used for mosaic, worktops, flooring, staircases, fountains, window sills, and other architectural purposes.

This white granite, which is available in a variety of finishes from several granite suppliers in India, may be purchased in both standard and bespoke measurements by B2B natural stone customers worldwide.