Upcoming Natural Stone Trade Fairs in 2021

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In the prevailing era of digital business marketing, the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions can’t be overlooked. They provide a great opportunity for both startups and established businesses to reach out to a large audience and other businesses and push their marketing efforts. In the natural stone industry, many international trade fairs are organized from time to time. Here are the top natural stone trade fairs and exhibitions scheduled for 2021.

Upcoming Natural Stone Trader Fairs in 2021

Popular stone trade fairs lined up for 2021

Xiamen Stone Fair, Xiamen (18-21 May 2021)

It is a global exhibition of stone and stone processing in Xiamen, China. The exhibition allows exhibitors to display their latest innovations, products, and design offerings. For them, it is a great opportunity to search for new business connections and establish lasting business relationships with them.

This stone fair is known to feature more than 2000 exhibitors from 57 countries and regions. The 21st China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be organized from May 18 to 21, 2021 in Xiamen and the event management has come up with a New Year proposal for the stone industry.

The latest edition of the Xiamen Stone Fair will include 8 product categories: Stone Machinery & Tools, Natural Stone, Artificial Stone, Exteriors, Design & Education, Media, and the Xiamen Bath & Kitchen Fair.

Stone Industry Moscow (22-25 June 2021)

It is considered the biggest and the most noteworthy international exhibition in the natural stone industry. The event includes the display of a wide range of industrial elements like stone processing machinery, stone blocks, stone-ready items, and others.

In the natural stone industrial landscape, this event is considered a crucial one as industry professionals from different parts of the world join each other at one place. Professionals like architects and interior designers get a great opportunity to expand their business by establishing new relationships.

Stone Batalha, Portugal (26-29 May 2021)

With its primary focus on Portuguese natural limestone, this natural stone trade fair attracts professionals like stone producers, importers, and processing machinery manufacturers who find it a wonderful opportunity to connect with other stone exporters and importers from various parts of the world.

Coverings, Florida USA (07-09 July 2021)

For three decades, Coverings has been a distinguished event in the ceramic tile & natural stone industrial domain in North America. Visitors from every surface of the tile & stone industry discover that Coverings is one of the renowned trade events that promote their success every time. The spectacular event showcases hundreds of great products, associated with stone suppliers across the globe and discover innovative techniques, advice, and trickeries. Coverings is known to feature the best and latest in the stone industry.

Marmo+mac Verona (29 Sep – 02 Oct, 2021)

Marmomac is the world’s top exhibition for the stone sector and signifies the entire supply chain, from raw and semi-finished and finished materials, from stone machinery and stone processing technologies to all possible stone applications in design & architecture.

A remarkable presentation will highlight the most outstanding production traditions and innovation on a global level, international stone projects, with several  initiatives promoting the salient features and abundance of marble and the sensitive budding of stone products in architecture and design. The is scheduled to take place from 29th September to 02nd October 2021 in Verona.

Qatar Stonetech, Doha (04-07 October 2021)

Qatar Stone Tech 2021, would be the 8thInternational Stone and Stone Technology Show. The event is considered the most sought-after trade event for retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, middlemen, and stone architects of the stone industry to meet with local agents, dealers, buyers, and distributors, and to foray effectively into the thriving construction industry of Qatar.

Qatar is one of the rapidly growing economies in the world, featuring the highest GDP per capita in the world. The country is all set to organize the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and has been coming up with a plethora of hotels, tech-enabled hospitals, museums, stadiums, shopping complexes, and much more. It is projected that Qatar will spend about USD 150 billion in the next ten years on infrastructure.

The last edition of Qatar StoneTech was organized in Doha from 05 April 2021 to 08 April 2021 and the next edition is supposed to be held in the month of April 2022.

India Stone Mart (25. – 28. November 2021)

India Stonemart is the biggest exhibition in the stone sector which highlights the extended variety of natural stones and auxiliary products and services. The event highlights strategic and modest standing for any person related to the stone sector, in India and globally. The main exhibitors at the event include stone quarry owners, stone processing companies, manufacturers and suppliers of stone-related machinery, stone craftsmen along with builders, and architects. India Stonemart the most preferred marketplace to seek fruitful international deals, connect with the partisans of the industry and expand the business. However, due to the sudden rise in COVID cases, the event may be postponed to a later date.

Stone+Tec, Nuremberg (Expected June 2022)

When it comes to listing the popular stone trade fairs in the world, the list would remain incomplete without the inclusion of Stone+Tec. The event is known to have a direct focus on Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and other adjoining nations.

Much gets clear from its name itself which implies that it is related to the technology being used in the stone processing industry. The exhibition showcases the advanced machinery and equipment used while processing the stone at various levels. The event provides excellent networking opportunities to attract new clients in the relevant domain.

The Natural Stone Show, London, UK (26-28 April 2022)

Catering to both the stone industry and stakeholders, The Natural Stone Show is a leading industry-centric event in the UK. It boasts over 200 exhibitors displaying a wide range of products from tooling to machinery, natural stone products.

A wide range of natural stones from various parts of the world is displayed to the attendees including limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, slate, quartzite, and others. In addition, the exhibit showcases natural stones for various applications like paving, flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, and sculptures. Stone specialists and industry leaders take an active part in their exhibition and reap amazing networking opportunities available throughout the event.

Stonex, Canada (Postponed)

Stonex Canada is known to be the first dedicate event of Canada which is focused on terrazzo, stone, and tiles. A large number of importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and other industry professionals come on a single platform to make new connections and learn about innovations in the industry.

It is a great event for industry professionals to connect with like-minded people and explore new business development opportunities.

Stonefair Asia, Karachi (18-20 Dec, 2021)

Stonefair Asia is a leading natural stone and related machinery exhibition in Pakistan and considered one of the biggest global events among various companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of stone and tiles. Hundreds of contractors, distributors, landscapers, architects and interior décor experts join each other in a conducive energy of a global discussion that boasts the world’s best granite, marble, tile and natural stone. Industry-oriented educational programs, live demonstrations on the show floor, forums with industry pros and the most leading organizations take part in this event. Stonefair Asia is organized in combination with Build Asia, Property Asia and Furniture Asia.

Being a leading natural stone manufacturer and exporters from India, Regatta Granites India takes an active participation in various national and international natural stone trade shows and showcases its vast collection of natural stones to global landscapers, contractors, stone importers, builders, and décor experts. Below are some snapshots from the moments of our previous participation in various natural stone trade fairs and exhibitions.

stone exhibition 1
stone exhibition 2
stone exhibition 3
stone exhibition 4