Using Granite in and around Your Home

Granite is a wonderful stone that can be used for a range of application either within a property or outside. Its availability in numerous shades with dynamic surface patterns as well as its impressive properties like non-porosity, strength, high durability and resistance to high temperature and acidic environment make granite a perfect stone for almost all kinds of installation.

India is leading exporter of more than 100 varieties of high-quality granite with most variants being extremely popular across the globe. To get a quality granite product for your home installations, you can contact a reputed granite manufacturer and supplier from India. With a highly professional attitude, Indian granite exporters ensure you of good product quality, safe packing and transportation and timely delivery.

Though granite can be employed for a variety of construction/renovation purposes in various shades of black, green, brown, blue, yellow, golden, white, red and pink, its seven popular applications, in addition to flooring, are discussed below:

Flooring: Needless to say, flooring is one the most common applications of granite inside or outside a house. Flooring tiles in different sizes can be laid on the floors of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms. Granite is also good for covering the floors of semi-covered facades and backyards.

Kitchen Countertops: A highly functional stone is practically required for kitchens and considering this, granite is probably the best option. One can easily chop, dice, knead and put hot warm pans and pots on its surface. Granite is a strong stone and can easily bear the weight of heavy kitchen appliances as well. It is resistant to acidic foods like tomatoes, coffee and vinegar and hence, spills on a granite countertop surface don’t cause any severe damage to it. Nevertheless, it is recommended to remove spills and moisture from the granite surface as soon as possible to avoid stains or etching. Sealing is an option that makes the granite completely non-porous, and resistant to scratches and stains. So, this can be done periodically to make it spotless and shine for a long time.

Backsplashes: For backsplashes, granite can be used either in a contrasting or matching shade of the countertop; depending on the look you want to create for the space inside a kitchen or bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles: Stronger than any marble or even ceramic or porcelain, granite can be used in light as well as dark shades to transform the looks of your bathroom.


Fireplaces: Owing to its long-lasting nature, strength and resistance to high temperatures, granite is regarded as the best material for creating fireplaces, especially when some a homeowner is looking for a long-term investment. In multiple shades, granite fireplaces can be used to bewitchingly complement your living spaces.


Building Stones: Granites can be also be used on the exteriors of your property as building stones or wall cladding. This is sure to impart an exclusive look to your property and allow it to stand out of the crowd.

Steps and Risers: Because of its stately appearance, granite can be easily found on the staircases of a number of palatial edifices, historical monuments and museums. To bring the same looks to your property, you can conveniently use this beautiful stone to adorn steps and risers inside your property.

Other Applications: For decorative purposes, granite is used to create monuments and articles that can be installed in verdant green spaces surrounding a property. With its natural charm, granite seamlessly blends with the greenery around a property. Though a latest addition, large slabs of granite are now being used as feature walls to decorate spacious halls or living spaces inside large residential properties.