India ramps up the supply of broader granite categories to global buyers

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Globally, granite décor and construction projects urge people to buy granite colors, sizes, patterns and materials of their choice from granite exporting countries. 

Globally, granite décor and construction projects urge people to buy granite colors, sizes, patterns and materials of their choice from granite exporting countries. India is one of the biggest exporters and there are lots of granite exporters in India that are ready to cater to all changing needs. When it comes to offering the world top granite grades or categories, suppliers of Indian granite have an edge in the competitive market. This edge is due to rare granite colors, patterns, and variations.

Granite Size Inspection

Granite quality is the degree of excellence of granite products, including blocks, slabs, tiles, and other articles. As far as the grading and category of the granite stone are concerned, stone experts closely monitor colors, veins, pitting, marking, thickness, soft material ratio, and the destination of the quarry to reach a conclusion. With this content, readers will be able to know more about how India is all geared up to supply various granite grades, on the basis of quality and location, available only in India.Granite Quality Inspection

Broad granite categories accessible only in India

Plainly speaking, consistent and variegated granites are the two big granite categories. The former one delivers a regular pattern in the whole slab of granite. Black Galaxy, Impala Black, Baltic Brown, and India Black granite are the best examples of this stone category. On the other hand, it is a variegated granite stone that offers an extra one-of-a-kind appearance as it misses a constant vein pattern. Verde Laura and Juparana Columbo are the most suitable example of the latter granite category. Be it the searching of granite slabs, countertops, blocks, tiles, and other forms, most of the stone types are found in India only at an affordable price tag. Let’s have a close look at granite levels or grading. These options include:

Commercial black galaxy cutter slabLevel 1 (Low grade or entry-level granite)

It is the most common type of granite available for sale. Primarily, this level is seen as “commercial grade” or “builder’s grade”. It is easy to find in quarries and also not an expensive one. It comes with simple designs and standard colors—grey, beige, brown, and black. Global buyers import this level granite from China at a large level.

standard black galaxy cutter slabLevel 2 (Mid-grade or level granite)

After the low-grade option, mid-level granite emerges as the second most common granite type that is a little more unique than level 1. Widely imported from India and Brazil and supplied to the Western world, this stone comes with more variety of markings. Better than the level 1 stone type, this stone features unique details, but it is expensive when it comes to buying.

Premium Granite QualityLevel 3 (High grade or level granite)

Finally, it is a high-grade granite known for its flawless quality. This granite stone is rare and comes with, unlike patterns and colors. India is the only destination where global B2B and B2C buyers find this stone in unusual colors, veins, and patterns. India is a big exporter and manufacturer of high-grade granite that is premium and expensive too.

Location-based granite varieties from Indian granite suppliers

India is enriched with lots of granite quarries located in all parts of India, including Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh. Bangalore, Chennai, and Rajasthan are the prime areas where the major processing of granite is done. There, it is easy to find hundreds of manufacturing, processing and export units owned and run by certified suppliers of Indian granite in these three areas. At a broader location-based scenario, we can divide Indian granite varieties into these two options:

North India granite –Apple green, royal green, copper silk, bala flower, lakha red, chima pink, ruby red, rosy pink and S P red granite products

South India granite – Imperial white, new Kashmir white, Indian Juprana, ivory brown, Himalayan blue, black galaxy, Lavender blue, Hassan green, tan brown, red multicolor, steel grey, and viscon white granite products

In different parts of the world, Indian Granite is also known as India Granit or Indian Granit. Granite suppliers in South India and North India can help all buyers get high-quality stone products at an affordable price tag.

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