Region-specific North Indian and South Indian granite

Higher granite production in India entices a large number of granite buyers from all corners of the world. When it comes to knowing more about granite production by country, how to export granite, and the largest granite producing countries, Indian granite regions (North and South India) put an end to all searches. Regatta Granites India is a proud supplier of region-specific North Indian and South Indian granite in different sizes, types, thicknesses, textures, and designs.

Showcasing different color palettes and design patterns, a variety of granite is quarried both in South and North India. Depending on the region of their occurrence, Indian granite variants are broadly classified as,

Chennai granite Bangalore granite Rajasthan granite

With these options for granite mines and quarries in South India, one can opt for various color options that are rare and popular. Like granite in south India, North Indian quarries and processing units also cater to all needs of buyers in a distinguished manner.

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