Is Installing Granite Tops in Kitchens and Bathrooms a Great Idea?

This is for sure that when it comes to natural stones for designing and architecture, granite is second to none. For this reason it is revered all over the world. Granite has been the preferred choice of most architects, designers and homeowners for several decades. Similarly, granite tops has remained the most popular applications of granite.

Granite can be confidently used in nearly every areas of a property. But, the question we will address here is: how good are granite tops for kitchen and bathroom applications? While granite kitchen countertops are considered great in terms of practicality, granite vanity tops in bathrooms are also fairly functional.

Moreover, in both the areas, the neutral shades of granite seamlessly blend with contemporary, rustic or classic decor. To know whether granite is well suited for kitchens and bathrooms applications, let’s shed some light on several attributes of this natural stone.


Any discussion on granite is simply incomplete without mentioning the durability aspect. In fact, it is the strongest of all natural stones used in construction and interior/exterior designing.

It has natural resistance against chipping and scratches. However, to impart additional durability, granite tops are generally sealed to ensure longevity and preserve its new look.

Dirt and Bacteria Resistance

Although granite top is naturally impervious to some extent, sealing is done to enhance this feature. With proper sealing, granite tops get completely non-porous to water, oils and other fluids. This, in turn, makes it less prone to accumulate dirt and grime buildup in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

An added advantage of sealed, smooth stone surface is that it is easy to clean and maintain; thereby, making it difficult for bacteria to stay and flourish.

Ease of Fixing Chips and Scratches

Unlike engineered tiles, granite tops are easy to mend. Minor scratches can be effortlessly fixed without leaving behind any trace of repair work. Make use of specialized color-matched putty to level the surface of granite vanity tops or granite kitchen tops prior to sealing.

It is recommended to seek professional assistance – both for granite scratch fixing and sealing – to get best results.

Tips on Using Different Varieties of Granite in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Besides matchless strength and durability, the fact that granite exists in around 200 varieties gives you ample opportunity to use granite tops in different shades.

Whether it is about matching granite kitchen countertops with cabinets or choosing granite vanity top for your bathroom, you can use granite tops in multiple tones to complement the interiors of your properties.

All in all, granite tops are an excellent choice both for kitchen and bathrooms. Check with granite countertop suppliers for the availability of shades you are looking for granite vanity tops and granite kitchen countertops.