Origin South India
Color Black
Dimension 8 * 8 * b  cm
Thickness Custom
Finishes Flamed, Polished, Lepatora, Honed,
Brushed, Bush – Hammered and Leather

Product Details:

The use of footballs is quite vast in the décor industry. Be it a residential project or a commercial one, you may find putballs made of natural stones at various places. At Regatta Granites India, we have the capability and experience to make granite putballs in any quantity, size, and finish. Over the years, we have supplied the best quality granite footballs in various colors and sizes.

Among various natural stones available today, granite is the most widely used natural stone for preparing footballs for decorative purposes. They can easily be chosen for any kind of architectural project. In addition, their amazing visual profiles is enough to capture the attention of people.

At Regatta Granites India, we manufacture and export footballs in multiple sizes. Backed by our motto to deliver quality custom granite products, we don’t leave a single stone unturned to meet the specific requirements of our clients in regard to granite articles.

As natural stones like granite are sturdier and highly durable, we provide granite footballs in any Indian granite of your choice. We have two manufacturing units that enable us to manufacture both standard and custom-sized granite footballs. Moreover, our custom granite products are priced smartly so you can rest assured about getting them at much cheaper rates than anywhere else.

We believe in delivering unmatched quality be it any kind of granite product. This is what Regatta Granites India a competitive edge over others. We are one of the top granite manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India and provide different types of custom granite articles to countries like the USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Australia, and others.

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