Origin South India
Color Black
Dimension 15 x 15 x 40cm
Thickness Custom
Finishes Flamed, Polished, Lepatora, Honed,
Brushed, Bush – Hammered and Leather

Product Details:

Granite has long been used for decorative purposes. One of the common applications of granite is vases. Today, granite vases are used to put flowers at display that not just look beautiful but also very hard wearing. When it comes to choosing the best quality granite vases, Indian granite is known to be the best granite for vases manufacturing.

At Regatta Granites India, we have years of expertise in manufacturing custom granite articles including granite vases which means we can deliver all types of granite vases in the required sizes, finish, and color.

We supply granite vases in any Indian granite of your choosing since natural stones like granite are stronger and more durable. We can produce granite vases in both standard and custom sizes thanks to our two manufacturing facilities. Additionally, our personalized granite articles are competitively priced, ensuring that you will pay considerably less for them than you would elsewhere.

We are committed to providing granite products of the highest quality. Regatta Granites India has an advantage over its counterparts because of this. One of the leading granite producers, suppliers, and exporters in India, we provide a variety of bespoke granite products to nations such the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and others.

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