Origin South India
Color White 
Size Depends on Requirement
Material Granite
Thickness Depends on Stock
Surface Finish Rough

Product Details:

Quarried from giant size white granite quarries in South India, Meera white granite block stone product comes with a light white-grey hue. Having a white base, this unique block also has some characteristics that resemble Mayflower granite. That is why it is also called Mayflower granite and Blanco Meera white granite.

Certified and professional Indian granite exporter and supplier Regatta Granites India (RGI) helps all global B2B buyers get this stone product which can be easily cut into custom-sized slabs and tiles. At a competitive price tag, this rough, unfinished, and raw Meera white granite block can be bought from India. Having loads of chemical and physical properties, this rough white granite block is available for sale in the following popular block sizes.

Block Size

  • Gangsaw block size – 260x160x100 cm up
  • Cutter block size – 180x70x60 cm up 240x70x60

Block Product Specification

  • Material – Granite
  • Application/usage – Cutting slabs and tiles
  • Surface Finish – Unfinished
  • Stone Form – Raw, Rough, Sawn, and Rubbing Block
  • Color – Light White and Grey
  • Place of Origin – South India
  • Port of Exit – Chennai, KPCT & Tuticorin port

RGI commits all universal buyers to timely and safe delivery of high-quality white granite blocks in almost all parts of the world. For an instant quote, interested buyers can fill out the following form by furnishing their requirements.