Stone of the Month: Moon White Granite

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A variety of granite colors have always been a matter of great interest to all granite lovers. Among them, go-to-white colors continue to entice all designers and homeowners who prefer style and aestheticism mounted on a superb stone surface.Mesmerizing appearance and great durability are two features that turn all heads towhite granite stone. Moon white granite is such a trendy and popular option for upgrading the existing kitchen, baths, and other living spaces. This content puts light upon important features of the stone and its availability for global B2B buyers.

Moon White Granite Countertop
Moon white granite countertop

Granite that is as white as the moon

It is known that the moon is soothing and its light gives a breath of freshness. Moonlight is white and it illuminates everything around. In the same manner, a granite product with a white surface easily catches all eyes. In the list of white tones and hues, moonlight granite overcomes the expectations of granite lovers looking for a twist in the story. Moon white granite with its glistening surface and presence of grey speckles and ivory-hued swirls make a big difference to the need of buyers interested in buying something unique in the name of white granite.

Although moonlight granite needs no introduction, yet a few features can let granite lovers know why this stone is different from other stone types. The exquisiteness of moon white granite can be explained in three sentences. These include:

  •         Bright ivory, silver-gray, and bold black
  •         Low color variation with everlasting shine
  •         Fine and intricate speckles and swirls
  •         Whiter shades with a subtle yellow undertone
Moon White Tile

This versatile color matches the expectations of people who are searching for a striking combination in baths and kitchen. The best part of moon white granite stones is that it works well with white cabinets. It gives stunning results when it is clad under a white subway tile backsplash. If you are using stainless steel appliances, get ready to get compliments from onlookers.

  •         Real name – Moon white granite
  •         Additional names – Morning mist granite, moonlight granite, lunar white granite, Kashmir pearl granite, and emerald white granite
  •         Color – White
  •         Destination of origin – South India
  •         Recommended usage –Elevator panels, kitchen countertops, window sills, wall cladding, tabletops, mosaic, wall capping, window sills, fountains, vanity tops, flooring, basin, steps, and risers
  •         Surface finish – Honed, antique, leathered, lepatora, brushed, and bush-hammered
  •         Edge finish – Hand cut and machine cut
  •         Unique features – Swirls of ivory tone and grey speckles on the surface

White moon granite options in the Indian granite market

With rising competition and changing trends in the global granite industry, new granite markets like India are getting a huge response. Nowadays, India is capable of catering to the changing needs of granite buyers (B2B and B2C). Being a bigger market for rough and polished white granite, India is professionally favored by global buyers. Some granite suppliers export stone products when buyers demand a particular stone quantity. B2B buyers understand this concept very well.

Indian granite market is capable of catering to the needs of commercial, standard and premium.That is why buyers from all corners of the world see India as a big granite hub. India offers B2B buyers better prospects to focus on moon white granite price and quality. Buyers can expect all standard and custom sizes of granite products as per their changing needs. On a broad level, the following options are available in the Indian granite market.

Moon granite technical specifications:

Coeff. Thermal expansion – 0.0045mm/mcº

  •         Comp. Strength after Gelivity – 2696 Kg/cm2
  •         Compressive Strength – 2777 Kg/cm2
  •         Hardness (Moh’s Scale) – 6.5
  •         Impact Test-Min Fall Height – 68 cm
  •         Specific Gravity – 2960 Kg/m3
  •         Ultimate Tensile Strength – 274 Kg/cm2
  •         Water Absorption – 0.04%
Moon white granite gangsaw slab exporter

Moon white granite sizes:

  •         White granite blocks – 300-320×130-165×160-205cm and weight 23-29 tons
  •         White granite cutter slabs – 180×60 cm up in 2 and 3 cm
  •         White granite gangsaw slabs – 260×160 cm up in 2 and 3 cm
  •         White granite tiles – 30×60, 30×60, and 60×60 cm

Buyers, make sure you get in touch with qualified Indian granite suppliers who are capable of catering to all queries including the size of moon white granite countertops, granite blocks, and moon white granite price. Moon white granite sold and supplied by granite suppliers from Indian can be used for various interior and exterior purposes.